About CommPartners

Knowledge is the single most important ingredient in allowing organizations to connect and support their communities. It empowers staff, partners and associates to grow in their roles and gain an understanding about their industries and the communities they serve. It supports relationships with, members, stakeholders, clients and industries because it demonstrates passion and a yearning for intellectual growth.

Where will your community come to learn? Who will they trust?

CommPartners helps organizations create a presence for knowledge. We help you accomplish this through our Elevate Learning Platform where content from experts is joined by peer ideas and experiences to form a vibrant social learning environment. We support you in hosting live, online programs through our proprietary webcast and webinar platforms which bring communities together and foster active engagement.

Strategic Partner, Platform Provider, Production Company.

You have our promise that we will make your mission our mission and make sharing of knowledge your differentiator in helping you thrive.

Meet the CommPartners Team
Rich Finstein | John Volentine | Karl Zander |
Tim Conway | Carl Aron | Megan Gowen |
Bill “Guru”¬†Eichenser¬†|¬†Kim Urena | Rita Castle | Mary Golden

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