Taking Inspirations from Thanksgiving in Thinking About LMS Design

You know what’s almost as delicious as Thanksgiving dinner? Designing an LMS. Ok wait, that metaphor doesn’t really work. How about this, planning a Thanksgiving dinner may provide some insights in developing an engaging, impactful, and delicious…ok, maybe not delicious…LMS. The presentation of the Thanksgiving dinner typically includes many different dishes, colors and textures. Yes

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Eve FinsteinTaking Inspirations from Thanksgiving in Thinking About LMS Design

Wake Up the Sleeping Giant: Make Your Association LMS the Go To Place for Learning

How would you describe your LMS? Is it a lively place where learning is active and always evolving or is it like the stacks in the back of a library where you sought a quiet place to study?  Can members gather in groups to have real time exchanges? Does it provide space for conversation and

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Rich FinsteinWake Up the Sleeping Giant: Make Your Association LMS the Go To Place for Learning

Authenticate to Create Relevant Learning Experiences

Technology has done something interesting to the word “authenticate.” Once meaning “to establish as genuine,” today, authenticate is typically associated with a correct matching-up of codes or reference numbers to permit access. It signals who the participant is and triggers the opportunity to provide a more meaningful online experience. We often hear the criticism that,

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Eve FinsteinAuthenticate to Create Relevant Learning Experiences

Developing a Culture of Empathy

A recent article in The New York Times presented a simple yet bold statement, empathy is a choice. The article, prepared by researchers in the field of cognitive science, and viewable here, shared a multitude of studies that suggest that a lack of empathy to the problems of others is not an inherent “shortcoming” or

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Eve FinsteinDeveloping a Culture of Empathy

The Hidden Value of AMS-LMS Integration

There are so many AMS offerings available. Most of us know the companies serving the association community. Names like: Abila, Personify, iMIS, Aptify, Association Anywhere and Protech, to list a few. Why is integration with these systems and others so critical to the success of an association’s LMS? After all, AMS integration done well will

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Eve FinsteinThe Hidden Value of AMS-LMS Integration

Social Learning, Backed by Science

“Social learning” is quite the buzzword today, isn’t it? With access to information on literally any topic, and the immediate thoughts and reactions of our friends, family, influencers, and favorite strangers all contained in a device we carry around in our back pocket – it’s a wonder we even need books anymore. (kidding of course,

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Eve FinsteinSocial Learning, Backed by Science