The Hidden Value of AMS-LMS Integration

There are so many AMS offerings available. Most of us know the companies serving the association community. Names like: Abila, Personify, iMIS, Aptify, Association Anywhere and Protech, to list a few. Why is integration with these systems and others so critical to the success of an association’s LMS? After all, AMS integration done well will

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Eve FinsteinThe Hidden Value of AMS-LMS Integration

Social Learning, Backed by Science

“Social learning” is quite the buzzword today, isn’t it? With access to information on literally any topic, and the immediate thoughts and reactions of our friends, family, influencers, and favorite strangers all contained in a device we carry around in our back pocket – it’s a wonder we even need books anymore. (kidding of course,

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Eve FinsteinSocial Learning, Backed by Science

3 E-learning Myths It’s Time to Put to Bed

With the global e-learning market now valued at more than $100 billion, we are well past the point where e-learning is simply a trend. It has become a fact of life for learners of all ages, and particularly for those who are coming up through the K-12 and higher education systems – in other words, future association members and lifelong learning customers.

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Guest Blog3 E-learning Myths It’s Time to Put to Bed

Building Enthusiasm and Loyalty with Podcasts

There was a span of about a month-and-a-half this past winter when I looked forward to long car rides. Multi-hour drives home for Thanksgiving – awesome, traffic jam – yes! Why was I suddenly thrilled by the idea of sitting in my car? Because, like many of you, I was completely addicted to the NPR

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Eve FinsteinBuilding Enthusiasm and Loyalty with Podcasts

The Forgotten Last Step

You and your team have worked for months developing your Learning Management System (LMS). You’ve ensured a smooth integration with your member database, designed the site’s style and branding, migrated content, fined tuned the site’s look and feel, added your payment gateway and are finally sitting in front of a finished product. Time to pop

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Eve FinsteinThe Forgotten Last Step

Finding Radical Value in Core Competencies

Written by Shelly Alcorn, CAE, Principal at Alcorn Associates Management Consulting If you read the news and study trends, you may already be aware that there is a great deal of change underway in the K-12 and post-secondary system in the United States.  Rising college tuition costs, shrinking numbers of seats, and new technology based

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Guest BlogFinding Radical Value in Core Competencies

What You Need to Know About Integrating Your AMS and LMS

Written by Wes Trochlil, President, Effective Database Management The growth in the deployment and use of learning management systems is a worldwide phenomenon in both business and associations. As Forbes magazine wrote recently, “[The numbers for the] corporate Learning Management Systems market…are astounding. The market is well over $2.5 billion and grew by over 21%

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Guest BlogWhat You Need to Know About Integrating Your AMS and LMS