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It’s nice to be employed at a company where there is a work – life balance and people are appreciated for their uniqueness and contributions to organizational accomplishments. At CommPartners we have created a culture of responsiveness by realizing our greatest asset are the ideas of our people. They enable us to provide our clients intelligent solutions that are well conceived and implemented. As a team of under forty people, we count on everyone to help us be successful. Each staff member directly impacts our results.

If you are a leader, work well with others and have a positive attitude we are interested in you. Our current openings are provided below:

Current Job Openings


CommPartners is seeking an individual who will have ultimate responsibility for clients’ satisfaction with our solutions and our organization. In this position, the selected candidate will help align our vision and internal resources to meet our client’s current and future needs. Areas of focus will be our onboarding process, client reviews, consultation with our platform team and ongoing support and education to our customer community.

Responsibilities include:

  • View our services and processes from a client perspective and ensure we have processes in place to engage this group in a highly professional manner.
  • Hold client reviews or check-ins to ensure ongoing satisfaction with our services.
  • Work closely with departments that engage clients to ensure professionalism and consistency.
  • Create and manage education initiatives such as online education, user group programs, our client community site and self-paced training programs.
  • Meet regularly with our development staff to provide client feedback and ideas.
  • Create and manage client loyalty programs.
  • Participate in conferences and sales opportunities.


  • Education: A 4 Year College Degree or more is a plus
  • Experience: 2 years in solutions sales or consulting
  • Skills: Excellent verbal and interpersonal communication and organizational skills. Good judgment and attention to detail. Ability to work well independently and to multi-task.

Position Relationships

  • Internal: Work with customer facing teams as well as programming and development.
  • External: Clients, Potential Clients, Partners
  • Supervision Provided: None
  • Supervision Received: From CEO

Compensation / Benefits

CommPartners provides a competitive salary, comprehensive benefit package including 401K and profit sharing plans, generous vacation time and a fun working environment.

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