Elevate Learning Management System

Stimulate learning, grow your organization and create loyalty through the Elevate Learning Management System

Elevate Learning Suite

A Presence for Learning

Elevate is a cloud based, e-commerce enabled learning management system that creates loyalty between your organization and its customers, employees or members through the sharing of knowledge.

Gathering Place for Sharing Ideas

Elevate supports fully integrated and interactive live webinars, recorded webinars, webcasts, SCORM courses, blended in-person training with online learning, testing and certificate programs, and learning paths. Course specific discussions and Interactive forums stimulate peer exchanges around your content.

Integration with AMS, CMS and Social Communities

Elevates offers a number of different API’s to help integrate with an organization’s existing systems. Single Sign On, Registration and Data API’s helps create easy to navigate learning experiences for your learners.

Custom Branding, Layout, and Configuration

A learning platform’s effectiveness is enhanced when participants are greeted with an attractively presented portal with simple navigation and intelligent design. Elevate incorporates your styling and layout to provide a seamless experience. Elevates easy-to-use site administration allows you to easily add or edit site pages, menus, webinars, courses, content, quizzes, surveys, polls, and more…at anytime.


Content Authoring

Select from a wide variety of learning component options to support your community’s learning objectives.

Course Creation

Course options are limitless. Build your course using the authoring tools in Elevate or integrate courses developed outside of the platform.

Integration and Design

Elevate is able to integrate with most database systems. Flexibility in styling, menu creation and navigation provide continuity in the overall design.

Revenue Generation

Elevate provides many ways for you to categorize, segment, price, and discount your organization’s learning programs.


Elevate’s Relevancy Engine delivers content to each participant that is meaningful and relevant to their needs.

Learner Dashboard

Each learner has their own participation dashboard with a history of all activity. Each program provides the learner a prompt of where they left off so they can easily start again upon their next login.

Administrative Portal

Site Administrators can create, configure, manage, track, measure and access every component of Elevate.


Marketing your learning platform is often challenging for those in Professional Development. Fortunately, Elevate comes with built in tools to help you succeed.

Content Authoring More Features

Select from a wide assortment of knowledge sharing elements to support your community's learning objectivess.

Live Learning

  • Launch live and on-demand webinars, webcasts, and livestream programs directly from Elevate.
  • Utilize integrated text forums to begin the conversation before and keep it going long after it's completed.
  • Use the live webinar production project planning module to manage every detail that's involved with live webinars.

Anytime Learning

  • Present a wide range of content options including SCORM courses, videos, live or on-demand slide presentations, tests, surveys, polls, and documents.
  • Add pre and post knowledge tests, surveys, resources, and viewing verification codes.
  • Set pre requisites and time limits for completion.

Blended Learning

  • Combine learning resources to create opportunities for self-study and live interaction.
  • Use our course builder to arrange components with pre requisites, scheduled access and timing.
  • Create microsites for your program giving it its own unique identity and access.

News Feeds

  • Share updates about your industry, organization and education programs.
  • Learners can sign up to be automatically notified when there are updates. This is a great way to keep your learning community engaged.


  • Create dedicated Podcasts with stories of interest, guest speakers and recent updates.
  • An embedded Podcast module creates a constant connection between you and your learning community.

Resource Libraries

  • Create an area of your site where participants can quickly search the latest best practices, view recent videos or access important documents.


  • Thinking about a new program or service? Use the polling feature to gather opinions about critical decisions you need to make.

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Course Creation More Features

Course options are limitless. Build your course using your content and the tools within Elevate or integrate courses developed outside of the platform.

Support for External Authored Courses

  • Create and import courses or SCORM files developed in most popular authoring tools including Articulate, Camtasia and Storyline.

Learning Paths

  • Define and categorize your content by role, interest or credential. Create progressive pathways to support each participant's advancement.
  • Package together multiple courses or programs as needed


  • Include pre-tests, post-tests, and knowledge checks to meet credential or certification requirements.
  • Create thresholds for passing. Choose from many question display options such as randomize questions and answers and set number of retry attempts.
  • You may also choose from many post submission options such as display correct answers to those that were incorrect.


  • Includes a variety of questions in your survey including Likert Scale, Multiple Choice, True False, Text Field, Matrix. Use the skip logic function to target questions based on user response.
  • Modify the formatting via our simple style editor.
  • Embed your survey into a learning product with appropriate permissions and pre-requisites.

Certificate Library

  • Store any number of uniquely branded certificates in your library.
  • Individual and credential information is automatically merged into the final certificate...and it's is printer friendly.
  • Offer multiple certificate types for the same learning program.

CLE / CME / CE /CPE Credits

  • CLE credentialing by individual state is supported. Participants can select the state(s) they have been "Bar" certified and receive their certificate and CLE credentials.
  • CME / CE /CPE credits can be selected and applied based on the role of the learner and the credential that applies.
  • A transcript can be viewed online or printed. The transcript includes, the program history including credits completed.

SCORM Compliant

  • SCORM compliant courses can be uploaded and supported within Elevate.


  • Elevate supports all multimedia streaming formats. Elevate also supports third party created content in all the popular media formats.
  • High bandwidth files are stored on a CDN to provide efficient streaming of content.
  • Multimedia files created by CommPartners Webcasting service is dual encoded for all devices as well as both low and high bandwidth viewing environments.

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Integration and Design More Features

Elevate is able to integrate with most databases. Flexibility in styling and menu creation provide continuity in the overall design.

AMS / CMS / Social CRM Integrations

  • Elevate integrates with most databases for purposes of single sign on, authentication, pricing, roles, permissions and reporting.
  • openAPI provides simple instructions to our partners to streamline the integration process.
  • Product codes within Elevate provide simple matching back to categories set up in a client’s AMS.

Accounting Codes

  • Accounting or General Ledger codes can be assigned to each learning product, matching a numerical designation within an organization’s accounting software.

Custom Layout and Branding

  • Each Elevate LMS site is custom designed and configured based on a client's preference including style sheets, imagery and content.

Menu and Page Builder

  • Site Administrators are able to create or modify the pages within their Elevate LMS site. Menu items can easily be added, edited or changed.
  • Learning content can be segmented and restricted to certain subsets of your learning community or to those that have appropriate permissions or status to access it.

Responsive Design

  • Elevate uses responsive design meaning all devices are able to view your site. Pages will automatically resize to the viewing area's dimensions. A simple mobile menu is available for navigating pages from a mobile device.
  • The site administrator can choose whether they would like content included or excluded from a mobile device.

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Revenue Generation More Features

Elevate provides many ways for you to categorize, segment, price, and discount your organization’s learning programs.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • PCI compliant and Integrated with Authorize.net and PayfloPro so proceeds are deposited directly in your bank account.

Subscription Packages

  • Provide a variety of subscriptions and packaging options to have participants pre select content based on their interests, roles or learning paths.

Pricing by Member Status, Role or Chapter

  • Customize and present different price models to support different learner or member categories, organization roles or geographical region / chapter.

Discounts by Product, Participant, or Duration

  • Use "keys" to designate discounts based on selected products, or specific subsets of your community. Or use volume discounts to encourage more purchases per visit.

Product Bundling

  • Package multiple courses together within one program and still offer the individual courses to those who do not wish to purchase the package.

Off Line Transactions

  • Learners who provide checks or PO's can be placed in a pending status. Once payment is received and the registration is updated, access to the course will be given.

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Relevancy More Features

Elevate cuts through clutter of offerings to provide content to each participant that is meaningful and relevant to their needs.

Taxonomy Support for Simple Searches

  • Create your taxonomy that allows participants to quickly search for their topic or format.
  • Match interests areas to your taxonomy so when a learner accesses the site, they will automatically be served programs of interest to them.

Recommended Content

  • An area of the platform's home page can be reserved for recommended content. Learning opportunities or events will be sorted based on relevancy to the participant

Menus and Pages by Member Status or Role

  • Show learning opportunities based on who should have access to them. Segment your site to provide each participant their own unique access.

Private Content

  • Create private content for boards, committees or pre-registered groups. Participants simply login to have access to approved programs.

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Learner Dashboard More Features

Each learner has their own participation dashboard with a listing of all course registration titles and history of all activity. Each course title provides the learner with course progression information as well as access to all credits and certificates.

Transcript Builder

  • A transcript is accessible online which can be viewed or printed at any time.

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Administrative Portal More Features

Site Administrators are empowered to create, configure, manage, track, view/create/download reports and access every component of Elevate.

Course Builder

  • Courses can include a variety of content elements including live or on demand webinars, video, audio, surveys, verification codes, acknowledgement statements, documents, links, images, handouts, SCORM files, credit information, faculty info, and certificates.
  • Create pre requisites to be completed before allowing advancement to the next component.
  • Easily move elements while configuring the course.
  • Customize the layout and appearance of the course.

Faculty Library

  • A library stores faculty and presenter information, their pictures and bios.

Content Library

  • All program elements are stored, indexed and made available for future re-use. When creating a course, simply navigate to the library, select the element you want to include and it automatically becomes a part of the new course.

Reports by Platform, Product or User

  • A comprehensive report center allows site administrators to pinpoint and access information based on their specific search criteria.
  • Over thirty pre created reports measure platform outcomes and trends to provide valuable knowledge about learner performance and content as well as a site wide dashboard of statistics including engagement percentage, revenue, number of accounts, page hits, etc.

open API

  • openAPI provides our partners simple instructions for integrating their software and accessing critical information.

Webinar Management Module

  • Managing webinars well, is time consuming and taxing on an organization's staff. For this reason, we have embedded a webinar project planning module into Elevate that manages all details, and timelines for your live training webinars.

Selective Permissions for Hosts, Faculty / Presenters, Learners

  • Selectively customize Administrator permissions to define function and access based on their role. When an Administrator logs in they will only see those programs and pages that they are allowed to manage.

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Marketing More Features

Each course is assigned a unique URL for easy marketing and tracking.

Custom Notifications and Reminders

  • Customized and course specific messaging, notifications and reminders. Customize the message and timing of these notifications with our advanced editor. Use them to stay in touch with your learners and market new or upcoming programs.

Social Media Sharing

  • Each course can easily incorporate social sharing allowing learners to recommend programs to their social communities and followers.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Create SEO meta tags and descriptions to maximize your program's reach through search engine optimization.

Education Newsletter

  • Keep your learning community informed when new programs are introduced with an integrated e-newsletter.

RSS Feeds with Education Updates

  • Allow participants to subscribe to RSS news and blog feeds.

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