Classes & Communities

Online Classrooms Provide Learners the Opportunity to Participate from the Convenience of Their Home or Office

Webinars & Webcasts

CommPartners online classes provide blended learning experiences that integrate content from faculty with peer experiences and ideas. Create weekly or monthly programs or develop perpetual learning classes that are constantly evolving as changes in your field of study occur.

Attractive Layout and Design

Each class or learning community can be configured to meet the client’s specific goals. Our designers will apply your imagery and styling to ensure symmetry to your organization’s brand.

Session Authoring Tools

Choose from live, synchronous sessions, recorded video presentations, or custom developed courses. Add interaction and student participation to provide an active learning experience.

Community Building

Include topical forums, live discussions, online chats and student matching to foster the sharing of peer experiences and ideas.


Course Elements That Stimulate Learning

  • Custom tabbed format that can be personalized for each experience.
  • Curriculum and session branding.
  • Access to a variety of content options including live sessions, anytime learning, videos, documents, assignments, assessments and surveys.

Connecting Students to Faculty and Other Learners

  • Discussions on all levels: faculty to class, student to student, and faculty to student.
  • Email updates from faculty or student contributions including new resources or posts.
  • One on one messaging to foster peer connections.

Live Learning Tools

  • Whiteboard.
  • Presentation and document sharing.
  • Flip chart.
  • Multiple webcams.
  • Polling.
  • Conversation zones.
  • Links and resources.

Course Production Services

  • Pre-course preparation, design and setup.
  • Program strategy.
  • Session moderation.
  • Testing and certification.
  • Multimedia production.
  • Post event editing and posting of archives sessions.

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