Webinars & Webcasts

Extend Your Reach with Professionally Produced Webinars

Cost-effectively and powerfully communicate with customers, members, and employees, live or on-demand.

Webinars & Webcasts

CommPartners is leading the way in helping our clients create exceptional, collaborative and energetic webinar and webcast experiences. Whether your online web events are small group discussions or organization wide presentations with thousands of geographically dispersed participants, we have you covered.

Dynamic Technology to Support the Latest Trends in Live Online Learning

Our proprietary webinar and webcast platforms provide the opportunity for presenters to share and collaborate around any type of content including: videos, flip charts, documents, whiteboards, presentations, online demonstrations and resources.

Guidance and Support to Ensure Your Program Is Flawlessly Executed

Our event support options range from self-service to complete turn-key program production where we do all of the heavy lifting.

Integration with Elevate LMS

Webinars and webcasts leverage the value of our learning platforms to provide seamless experiences for program design, registration and payment, authentication and attendance. Leverage polls, knowledge tests and discussions before and after your event. Include post event assessments, survey and certificates.


Customized Event Console

  • Client branding and colors applied to each event.
  • Dynamic design and layout with in event content transitioning that supports each program’s objectives.
  • Selective components from wide array of presentation options including single or multiple videos, presentation content of any type, screen sharing, live discussion with public social media integration, resources, polls, and Q & A area.
  • Live closed captioning.

Social Learning and Attendee Collaboration

  • Participants log in with their Twitter, Facebook or Linked In credentials to be authenticated and have their picture appear with their posts.
  • Photos can accompany a post.
  • Open idea sharing can occur to support content being shared.


  • Multiple full motion HD video feeds are supported.
  • Multi location video feeds.
  • Reliable , redundant broadcast stream.
  • Up to eight webcams are supported.
  • Resizing of video windows dynamically can occur during events.


  • Access from all mobile and tablet devices.
  • Dual-encoding for multimedia events for low and high bandwidth.
  • Combination of dial and streaming audio.

eLearning Options

  • Configured series and learning paths.

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