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Elevate Learning Suite

Your Branded Online Learning Hub

Training Center provides a custom branded, learning site that presents live, on-demand training and webinar programs to your learners. It includes a simple process for learner registration and payment, secure authentication, attendance, pre and post testing, surveys, credits and certificates. An integrated project planning module helps the Administrator manage the entire planning process for hosts, presenters and attendees.

Integrated Materials, Tests, Surveys, Credits and Certificates

Learners will have immediate access to pre and post learning processes and materials from documents, tests and surveys to credits and certificates. Learners also have access to their history and transcript.

Database Integrations

Training Center can work stand-alone or seamlessly with most databases’ (AMS) CMS and Social CRM systems. Using the “openAPI”, information is availed that can be accessed and shared with these external systems.

A Built in Webinar Platform

CommPartners’ EventCenter full-featured web conference software is seamlessly integrated into the Training Center platform. There is no need to acquire or worry about an extraneous external web conference tool. Everything you need to begin creating, hosting, broadcasting, live, on-demand training webinars is included.


Training Components

Live and On Demand Training Webinars, Tests, Surveys, Certificates, Credits (CE, CPE, CLE, CME and more), all within a single platform.

Integration and Design

Provide your learners with a seamless experience in the look, access and functionality of your training programs.

Revenue Generation

Training Center provides many ways for your learners to search, sort, select, register, pay and participate in your organization’s learning programs.


Training Center’s relevancy engine displays training and webinar content that is specific to each learners interests and relevant to their needs.

Learner Dashboard

Each Learner is provided with their own dashboard that contains a listing of their training and webinar programs, history, receipts, transcript and it tracks their learning activity.

Administrative Portal

Site Administrators can create, configure, manage and control every function of the Training Center.


Each training session or webinar is contained within a unique URL making it easy to market individual training webinars.  Multiple Administrator controlled custom pre and post email notifications are available for your marketing efforts we well.

Training Components More Features

Access Live and On Demand Training Webinars, Tests, Surveys, Certificates, Credits, all within a single platform.

Live Webinars

  • Create and execute your training webinars right within the Training Center Platform. A simple creation wizard simplifies the process for setting up your training programs. No need for external web conference licenses or added monthly subscriptions.
  • A built-in project plan for each live training webinar manages the entire process for hosts, presenters and attendees. Email notices are provided to all parties when tasks are due. Presenters have their own access to upload presentations and handouts, and to edit their bio and picture.
  • Allow your participants to engage peers and the presenters before and after the event through integrated forum discussions.

On Demand Webinars

  • Provide archives of each live program right after it is completed.
  • Add handouts, and book marks to provide a more complete viewing experience.


  • Add assessments for pre-tests, post-tests, and knowledge checks leading to credit and/or certificate.
  • Create thresholds for passing, randomize questions and answers, and set a time limit and/or number of retry attempts.
  • Present correct answers to those that were incorrect.


  • Includes a variety of questions in your survey including Likert Scale, Multiple Choice, True False, Text Field, Matrix
  • Modify the formatting via our simple style editor.
  • Embed your survey into a learning program with appropriate permissions and pre-requisites.

Certificate Library

  • Store certificates in your library.
  • Learner and credential information is automatically merged into the final certificate; ready for printing.
  • Offer multiple certificate types for the same learning program.

Verification Codes

  • Create a verification code to be provided at the conclusion of a webinar and use it as a key to allow the learner to move to the next element.

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Integration and Design More Features

Provide your Learning community a seamless experience in the design, access and functionality of your training webinars.

AMS / CMS / Social CRM Integrations

  • Integrates with most databases for purposes of single sign on, authentication, pricing, roles, permissions and reporting.
  • OpenAPI provides simple instructions to our partners to streamline the integration process.
  • Product codes provide a simple "matching back to" categories set up in your database.

Accounting and GL Codes

  • Supports Accounting or General Ledger codes.

Templated Layout and Branding

  • Choose from a number of attractive designs and layout configurations.

Menu and Page Editor

  • Site Administrators are able to modify pages in their site. Menu labels can easily be changed.
  • Hide content from guests or display content based on your use criteria

Responsive Design

  • Training Center uses responsive design meaning all devices are able to view your site. Pages will automatically resize to the viewing area's dimensions. A simple menu is available for navigating pages.
  • The site administrator can choose specific content to be displayed in their mobile view version.

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Revenue Generation More Features

Training Center provides many ways to allow your learners to search, sort, shop, select, pay and participate in your organization’s learning programs.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Integrated with Authorize.net and PayflowPro so revenues are deposited directly into your bank account.

Subscription Packages

  • Provide a variety of subscription options to have participants pre-select content based on their interests, roles or learning paths.

Discounts and Promos

  • Multiple discounts options are available to the site Administrator: Volume, Discount or Promotional codes with multiple variations of each.

Discounts by Product or Participants

  • Use discount codes that are specific to selected products or specific subsets of your training webinars.

Product Bundling

  • Administrators can package multiple training webinar programs together as well as create subscriptions to all or a subset of training webinars.

Off Line Transactions

  • Learners who provide checks or PO's can be placed in a pending status. Once payment is received and the registration is updated, access to the training will be given.

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Relevancy More Features

Training Center delivers content to each learner that is meaningful and relevant to their needs.

Taxonomy Support for Simple Searches

  • Customized taxonomy allows your learners to quickly search for their topic or format.
  • Match interests areas to your taxonomy so when a learner accesses the site, they will automatically be served programs that interest them.

Recommended Content

  • A Recommended widget delivers content that is organized based on the learners interests.

Menus and Pages

  • Customize your menu taxonomy. Page content can be customized as needed.

Private Content

  • Create private learning content for boards, committees or pre-registered groups. Participants are pre-registered and invited via email.

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Learner Dashboard More Features

Each learner has access to their own dashboard that contains a listing of their training programs, history of all activity, credit, certificates, receipts and transcript. Participant will see a prompt of where they left off so they can easily navigate to each training program and continue their training.

Transcript Builder

  • A transcript is accessible which can be viewed or printed at any time.

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Administrative Portal More Features

Site Administrators can create,configure, manage and access every function of the Training Center.

Webinar Builder

  • Training programs can include a variety of content elements: live or on-demand webinars, pre and post tests, surveys, verification codes, credits and certificates.
  • Create pre-requisites to be completed before allowing advancement to the next component.
  • Easily add/remove training elements.

Reports and Analytics

  • A comprehensive report center allows site administrators to pinpoint and access information based on their specific search criteria.
  • Over thirty pre-created reports measure overall Training Center use, learning outcomes and trends to provide valuable knowledge about the site as a whole, revenue, registrations, learner performance, and content.

open API

  • openAPI provides our partners simple instructions for integrating their software, and accessing critical information.

Custom Pages / Menus

  • Customize the content on each page. Build your menus to match your taxonomy.

Webinar Management Module

  • Managing webinars, well, is time consuming and taxing on an organization's staff. For this reason, Training Center offers a seamlessly integrated webinar project planner that manages all details and timelines for your live training programs.

Selective Permissions for Hosts, Faculty / Presenters, Learners

  • Customize who has access to which Administrator function or learning element. When an Administrator logs in, they will only see those programs and pages that they are allowed to manage.

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Marketing More Features

Training Center offers unique URL's for each training webinar as well as multiple email templates to help you stay in touch with your learners.

Custom Notifications and Reminders

  • Each learning opportunity has its own confirmation, notifications and reminder messages. Customize the message, frequency and timing with our advanced editor.

Social Media Sharing

  • Each training program can easily incorporate social sharing allowing learners to recommend programs to their social communities.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Create meta tags and descriptions to maximize your learning program's reach through search engine optimization.

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