With today being Halloween, we thought it would be fun to re-live some of the scariest moments from our livestreamed events. We pride ourselves in preparing for the unknown and having fallbacks to address even the most unpredictable situations. Zombie Apocalypse anyone? But no amount of planning could have prepared us for what was in store for our…

Top 5 Scariest Moments From Our Livestreamed Events!

  1. Tornado warning and evacuation during a live webcast.  Everyone was safe, and we filmed right through it all. Unfortunately, Dorothy or Toto didn’t make an appearance for this event.
  2. Loss of electricity at a hotel in Hollywood during a live webcast. We were prepared to go Blair Witch style, but thankfully the power was restored.
  3. The fainting presenter during a livestreamed conference. Luckily it was a medical conference so that problem worked itself out.
  4. The sleepy presenter who missed his presentation on professionalism in the workplace. Nothing more to say about this one…
  5. The uninvited furry guest who scampered through the auditorium during a live webcast causing quite the uproar. You would have thought it was Godzilla, but it was just a wee mouse.

The truth is, there is always risk when livestreaming an event. But, there are measures you can take to ensure its overall success and having a vetted and experienced production partner is key.

To learn more about preparing for your next livestreamed or virtual event, be sure to download our resource, Five Tips to Ensure a Successful Virtual Event.