(Columbia, MD –  August 10, 2015) CommPartners, a leader in online learning and events, is pleased to announce the launch of Event Producer, our second education platform from the Elevate Learning Suite.

Event Producer was designed specifically to build community and engagement through live and on-demand webinar programs. The platform integrates with a client’s database, content management system, branding and merchant services to provide a seamless experience for both the host organization and its participants. Processing of continuing education credits through assessment, survey and certificate components are included.

Benefits for Webinar Hosts

  • Integrated Web Conferencing: Event Producer comes with web conferencing eliminating the need for an external license.
  • Project Plans: Hosts are supported by integrated project plans that manage all the details for each webinar. The platform provides timelines leading up to an event and will notify host and presenters when tasks are due.
  • Relevancy to Each Member of Your Community: Tag content based on interest areas or roles and promote those programs to subsets of your community.

Benefits for Participants

  • Event Forums: As soon as a participant registers they can engage other registrants and the presenters through interactive discussions before and after the event. A one hour webinar becomes several weeks of peer sharing and social learning.
  • Pre Event Polls: Polls before the event provides the presenter a sense of where the audience is to produce a more relevant and informative event.
  • Access to a Library of Events: All upcoming and past events are available through a participant’s dashboard.

Rich Finstein, CEO of CommPartners, shared, “We realized through our years of producing online events that clients were looking for a more effective platform for webinars and other live programs. Event Producer delivers a true social learning environment, integrating expert content with peer ideas and experiences. We believe it’s the perfect way to engage a new generation of learners.”

For more information, please visit www.commpartners.com or email info@commpartners.com

About CommPartners
CommPartners provides online education and event services to the association community. The company‘s mission is focused on providing a well-planned and intelligent approach to sharing of knowledge, with a core focus on creating positive user experiences. Over 1,300 organizations have selected CommPartners to manage their eLearning programs. The CommPartners team is diverse, but together they share a common passion: to be strategic thinkers, dedicated to advancing a client’s mission through exceptional education programs.

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