(COLUMBIA, MD –April 15, 2015) CommPartners, a leader in online learning and events is pleased to announce a new partnership with Soldier’s Heart, an organization dedicated to helping heal the invisible wounds from war and military service. This new initiative continues the mission of CommPartners to use its services to support those in need.

Since 2006, Soldier’s Heart has provided assistance for veterans, families, and communities overcoming the wounds of war.  An important component of this assistance is being able to disseminate education to reach impacted individuals and their loved ones as well as professionals that provide care to those impacted. Recognizing this need, CommPartners will be donating its services to ensure the program succeeds and Soldier’s Heart is able to maximize its impact.  Soldier’s Heart Executive Director Dr. Ed Tick says,

“At Soldier’s Heart we seek to widely disseminate our vision and practices for transforming the emotional, spiritual, and moral wounds of war.  In this effort we had planned to give webinars for several years.  Lacking the in-house time and expertise to achieve this, CommPartners generously offered their full-service production program for our first few webinars. We are honored and grateful to partner with CommPartners and thrilled to launch our new webinar series with their help.”

The webinars will be held monthly beginning in April and are open to anyone interested in learning more about this important cause. CommPartners’ CEO Rich Finstein says,

“Working with a group like Soldier’s Heart allows us to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for our country.  We are looking forward to supporting Soldier’s Heart as it disseminates information to restore and support our nation’s veterans.”

The first three programs are now open for registration by clicking here.

  • April 22nd – Warrior’s Return: Restoring the Soul After War
  • May 27th – Beyond Moral Injury
  • June 24th – Veterans, Sex, and Love

About CommPartners
CommPartners provides online education and event services to the association community. The company‘s mission is focused on providing a well-planned and intelligent approach to sharing of knowledge, with a core focus on creating positive user experiences.  Over 1,300 associations have selected CommPartners to manage their eLearning programs. The CommPartners team is diverse, but together they share a common passion: to be strategic thinkers, dedicated to advancing a client’s mission through exceptional education programs.

About Soldier’s Heart
Soldier’s Heart tends the invisible wounds resulting from war and military service.  The organization believes that these “soul wounds” are sacred and, properly tended, can lead to wisdom and transformation.  They offer genuine homecoming and a path for post-traumatic growth to troops, veterans, families, and communities. Soldier’s Heart’s mission focuses on veterans and their families but transcends their wounding to include the entire society.  To learn more or make a donation, please visit the Soldier’s Heart website.


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