CommPartners is proud to once again partner with Mary Byers, CAE for a livestream event on Thursday, April 6th 1pm EDT exploring how to maximize your organizational influence. Join us to see how you can help your organization catapult forward with momentum and synergy. Register Now

1. Our upcoming program with you is titled “Momentum: Where to Find it, How to Keep It.” Why that topic?

Momentum means “strength or force gained by motion.” Isn’t that what associations are: movers on behalf of members? I like the idea of doing what we do with strength. Additionally, many associations have fewer resources than previously. Others are letting the urgent overshadow the important. Asking what activities help an association gain momentum can be a valuable way to clarify what makes the most sense when it comes to deciding how to spend limited time, money and expertise.

2. What if an association already has momentum?

My work over the past couple of years has been about helping association professionals find the time to work on their association, not just in it. Setting aside one hour to join the livestream is one way to do this. If you already have momentum, a natural “next question” is how to sustain it or get more of it. And if you don’t have it, you’ll come away with some ideas regarding what might be holding you back.

3. Is it harder for associations to gain momentum than it is for corporations?

In some respects, yes. The boards we work with sometimes don’t unleash our best work, which can lead to complacency. Studying momentum is really about finding a way to uncage potential on behalf of members. That may be through an innovative program, a collaboration, or a decision. I like figuring out how to use limited resources to make a difference.

4. What’s an element that is missing when an associations doesn’t have momentum?

Often it is a lack of focus. Bill Gates attributes some of his success to the fact that he has been able to focus on a few things. That’s good advice. It’s even better when you choose to focus on related things because that’s how you harness synergy and synergy leads to momentum.

Momentum: Where to Get It & How to Keep It

Thursday, April 6th 1pm EDT