For many of you, offering a professional learning portfolio is core to your association’s mission. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons our community exists in the first place. Your members need to remain abreast of what’s happening in their profession, and they depend on you as their primary (and trusted) source for lifelong learning opportunities.

We all agree with the above, right? Right! OK great. Now, pause for a moment and ask yourself if you give commensurate attention to your Learning Management System (LMS) based on the level of significance your organization places on professional education. Does your association even have an LMS?

Historically, associations have viewed Association Management Systems (AMS) as their most important software, and treated other solutions (including LMSs) as auxiliary “components.” But, there’s a noticeable shift in the industry as folks are challenging this infrastructure and mode of thinking. Change-makers are disrupting the status quo by positioning their LMS and AMS as equal partners. They’re taking advantage of powerful integrations and in doing so, exceeding the traditional LMS/AMS expectations from members and staff.

When we designed Elevate LMS, your priorities led the charge. We wanted to give you a solution that would position your learning portfolio as a centerpiece in your community. To deliver on our commitment, we went beyond just developing an award-winning software…we also established robust integrations with our AMS colleagues.

Here’s why an Elevate LMS-AMS integration is valuable to you:

Friendly User Experience
Members expect seamless online experiences when they engage with their association. A place where single-sign-on is a standard (not a luxury), and an ecosystem of interconnected technologies exists. Our LMS-AMS integration delivers on those expectations, plus so much more. For example, this integration makes it possible for Elevate to curate tailored learning paths for individuals based on information in their AMS profiles.

Centralized Data
Many experts believe data is an organization’s most important asset. While that’s subjective, we can all agree data is very important. Unfortunately, many associations have been collecting/storing data in a variety of repositories, each married to a different technology. We believe it’s OK to store data in a few places, as long as the key data ultimately flows back to the AMS. Our integrations ensure critical data about your learners is sent from your Elevate LMS to your AMS.

Robust Reporting
Piggybacking on the topic of data, an integration allows you to look at micro and macro layers of critical information. You can monitor a learner’s progress, as well as analyze community trends (e.g. blockbuster courses and superstar users). In short, you’ll have powerful data that can (and should) be used to calibrate your learning portfolio for continued growth and success. For example, once you know who your most engaged learners are, what are you going to do to ensure they remain happy?

Multiple AMS Partners
To make your lives easier, we proactively established integration partnerships with many AMS providers. And, this is an ongoing initiative as we continue to expand our network, and build deeper integrations with current partners. LMS implementations can be challenging enough, but worrying about whether or not Elevate is compatible with your current (or future) AMS doesn’t have to be a contributor. Elevate plays nice with everyone, allowing for a seamless insertion within your technology ecosystem.

To learn more about Elevate LMS-AMS integration features and/or our integration partners, please contact Meghan Gowen, Vice President of Sales, at



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