How would you describe your LMS? Is it a lively place where learning is active and always evolving or is it like the stacks in the back of a library where you sought a quiet place to study?  Can members gather in groups to have real time exchanges? Does it provide space for conversation and social learning around important topics? Does it offer education experiences a majority of your members can participate in?

The association LMS is vastly different than other types of training portals. Configured the right way, it provides a trusted place for accessing and sharing knowledge that bridges the association to its community, stimulates ideas, and fosters debate. It welcomes intellectual curiosity by providing access to the latest research from experts as well as ideas from those that work in the field and benefit from real life experiences.

Here are five key attributes to make your LMS stimulating, engaging, and the Go To Place for Learning.

  1. Host your webinars right in your LMS
    The reason most tradeshows host lunch right in the expo hall is to provide exposure to exhibitors. This same concept applies to the LMS. Most organizations continue to have a separate webinar license outside of their LMS bringing their participants to a remote location. When we created Elevate LMS, we embedded a webinar software right inside the LMS. Attendees are not only exposed to all of your content, they can leverage all the features Elevate provides, such as engaging in conversations, as soon as one registers. An hour online program now evolves into several weeks of engagement.
  2. Create relevancy
    We are not simply talking about if you ordered this product, you will like this product. More important is position and priority reserved for content that is meaningful and relevant to each learner. With Elevate LMS, participants have their unique view with content arranged and available just for them based on their interests or role.
  3. Combine social and learning in one place
    Should conversations and networking exist where learning occurs? It happens this way at conferences. You leave a learning lab and on the way out have conversations in the hallway about what just occurred. With Elevate LMS we have placed independent topical forums as a networking option within the platform. In addition, any event, course or other opportunity can have a forum discussion.
  4. Move past passive behavior through content variety
    Some learners only want a 15 minute podcast. Others want a 15 hour certificate program. Whatever your members want, have a content option that meets their needs. In Elevate LMS you can have courses, webinars, videos, blended learning, podcasts, news blogs, polls, topical forum discussions, and resource libraries. Create learning paths or subscription bundles. Move your members past passive to become active participants.
  5. We look for substance, however it’s hard to ignore poor style
    Your LMS has to have panache. When learners land on it, you want them to have that feeling of, “Wow! This is well done.” Having the flexibility to stylize the entire site to ensure continuity with your web presence and other online resources is important. It’s not only the styling of the site but the design of the content as well. Having learning opportunities that are well organized and attractively presented can make all the difference. Elevate LMS allows for complete custom styling to ensure your members get to the substance.

These are just some of the ways to ensure your LMS shines. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Meghan Gowen at

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