Because associations serve a dual bottom line, they are always looking for ways to do well while doing good. As mission-driven organizations, they are called to serve those missions, but “no money – no mission.” There is a constant search for programs, products, and services that will raise revenue and benefit members and other stakeholders, the industries and professions that they represent, and the general public. Unfortunately, those opportunities aren’t always easy to locate.

Right now, both in the US and globally, the education and employment sectors are being profoundly disrupted. In their new whitepaper The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm, Shelly Alcorn (Alcorn Associates Management Consulting) and Elizabeth Weaver Engel (Spark Consulting) make the argument that associations are uniquely positioned to play a vital role in helping current and future stakeholders adjust and even thrive in this rapidly changing environment by drawing on their historic strength of experience in educating diverse audiences outside the constraints of the traditional classroom setting.

Globally, millions of workers, particularly young workers, are without jobs, and millions of jobs, many of which require “21st century” skills, are unfilled. Student debt in the US is at an all-time high. We are facing, in short, a “wicked” problem, one that is so complex and touches so many socioeconomic factors as to defy easy solutions. In the whitepaper, your authors argue that associations are a key player in solving this “wicked” problem and bridging the gap from education to employment.

CommPartners will be hosting a live webinar on Monday, September 12 at 12pm ET, in which Shelly and Elizabeth will share highlights from their research into the dramatic changes affecting the realms of both education and employment, why they believe these changes represent such a tremendous opportunity for associations to benefit the professions/industries we serve, and the real stories of associations that are fully embracing their role in nurturing the next generation of professionals and members.

Bridging the Gap: The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm    |    August 12, 2016    12pm EDT


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