LLS Provides Safe and Intuitive Virtual Conferences for Patients

LLS Provides Safe and Intuitive Virtual Conferences for Patients

Find out how The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) provided a safe learning environment for their patients during COVID-19 while creating a virtual education experience that was just as rewarding as their in-person conferences by partnering with CommPartners.

LLS’s Virtual Conference included two tracks of up to eight simultaneous sessions on six Saturdays in the fall of 2020 with various engagement opportunities so attendees could get the most out of the event.

This Virtual Conference required a new approach to design for CommPartners. It was critical to consider how LLS patients interacted with the Virtual Conference site. To ensure we addressed the atypical conference demographics, the CommPartners team redesigned the LLS site layout to be streamlined and intuitive with these update:  

  • Simplified copy on the landing page to assist navigation to sessions
  • Clear graphics on the landing page to assist navigation to sessions
  • Re-arranged mobile layout for easy access
  • Provided log-in information to attendees


CP Cares: Adapting to Change with Camp No Limits

CP Cares: Adapting to Change with Camp No Limits

CommPartners is very proud to assist the No Limits Foundation in transitioning their Camp No Limits into a virtual experience. Camp No Limits aims to provide education, mentorship, and support to children with limb loss and differences and their families. This camp provides not only therapy and education opportunities for the campers but is a chance for peer support and is a place to have fun at camp! Stay-at-home orders could not stop Camp No Limits from proceeding, and CommPartners was happy to help the show go on, virtually.

The No Limits campers and staff did what they do best, adapt and grow. They worked hard to incorporate creative elements in each activity to make camp interactive and social. The staff leveraged their energetic personalities and established relationships with the campers to cultivate “camp magic” that was felt through the screens. It included break-out therapy sessions, sibling sessions, plus fun and games like scavenger hunts, karaoke sessions, and a talent show! There was also a Social Hour, where campers could “hang out” in a chat room monitored by Team Leaders during meal breaks.

Read more about our latest CP Cares initiative here.

Watch the campfire song here: https://vimeo.com/411552623

Watch the talent show here: https://vimeo.com/414080693

View photos from Virtual Camp No Limits: https://vimeo.com/414079715

SOPHE: COVID-19 Transition Case Study

SOPHE: COVID-19 Transition Case Study

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the event industry to go into a tail-spin. Organizations all over the world were forced to cancel and postpone their events. The Society of Public Health Education, SOPHE, did not want to miss out on the many positive opportunities a conference can bring to an association and decided to take advantage of the Virtual Conference option.

To successfully navigate the one week transition from on-site to virtual, SOPHE staff relied on a harmonic partnership between CommPartners staff and themselves. Accommodations were made to fit the agenda into the virtual world with such a short turn-around period. The three-day conference was expanded to cover four weeks, and the team decided to focus their attention on key events.

SOPHE staff’s preparedness at the onset and their willingness to adapt and learn from CommPartners staff made this a successful event for the organization.

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ASID Accomplishes Education Mission Through Elevate LMS

ASID Accomplishes Education Mission Through Elevate LMS

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Commpartners had the opportunity to speak with the American Society of Interior Design about their success with implementing CommPartners Elevate LMS.  As an organization who focuses on the design and aesthetic of beautiful interiors, it was important that their platform encompassed a clean and cohesive design to match their brand.  This led to one of their main deciding factors to be the ability to work with the CP team to create a fully customized site to their specifications.

ASID identified a number of core requirements they wanted to address with a new LMS, stated in the bullets below.  Click the case study to learn how they overcame these challenges by utilizing Elevate LMS.

  • Provide a seamless user experience where the LMS is fully integrated with ASID’s web presence and database
  • Match ASID’s mission by focusing on design of attractive imagery and navigation elements that allow learners to easily access their content
  • Ensure an engaging mobile experience
  • Support learners’ desire for well conceived and developed on demand content.


NASBLA Fulfills Education Mission Through Elevate LMS

NASBLA Fulfills Education Mission Through Elevate LMS

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Commpartners had the opportunity this past week to speak with Ron Sarver, Chief, Knowledge & Learning Management Systems Officer of the National Association of State Boating Law Administers. Ron shared his plan to move beyond place based events, to the creation of a highly engaging online learning community through Elevate LMS.  Ron stated that he and others from NASBLA feel online learning provides the best opportunity to engage their entire community through knowledge.  An overarching goal is to use the Elevate to transcend membership and attract an entire industry that cares about boating safety and security.

NASBLA identified a number of core challenges they wanted to address with a new LMS, stated in the bullets below. Click the case study to learn how they overcame these challenges by utilizing Elevate LMS.

  • Leverage and expand the impact of in-person conferences
  • Support their community with greater access to compelling content
  • Structure learning as a continuous or fluid process
Addressing Unconscious Social Bias within the Association Community

Addressing Unconscious Social Bias within the Association Community

When organizations consider holding a livestream program from a place based conference or a completely virtual event, a common question asked is, what content will be compelling enough to get people to pay attention?





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Several weeks ago CommPartners was asked to livestream a session for the Council of Manufacturing Associations (CMA) in cooperation with the American Society of Association Executives titled: Unconscious Bias: An Association’s Role in Social Issues. The program originated from CMA’s Winter Leadership Conference that took place at the Four Seasons in Baltimore, MD, on Friday January 11, 2019. The archive of that event can be accessed here.

Of all the possible topics to livestream, CMA chose this subject because they knew, organizations are wrestling with their role in today’s political and social discourse. It’s a topic that transcends professional development training and presents an opportunity for community conversation and engagement. CommPartners’ role was to bring this session to the remote audience and to make them feel as if they were onsite and provide opportunities to share thoughts and ideas.

Taking risks and considering alternative formats for livestream programs can position your organization to extend your reach and impact. It can place you at the center of important conversations we are all having.

As a result of using the livestream format for a more personal and compelling topic, CMA was able to realize five key benefits:

  1. They greatly increased their profile to individuals and groups who otherwise would not be aware or involved with the CMA.
  2. Attending an onsite conference is expensive. By offering a session like this one, they were more inclusive and recognized the importance of reaching out to those who could not afford to attend or didn’t have the ability to travel or leave their homes or offices.
  3. CMA, along with ASAE took the lead in forging the conversation around hidden social bias. They showed who they are and what they are about by addressing the topic in public way. This showed is pays to be bold.
  4. This was a session from the heart. Online attendees were touched by the format and conversation.
  5. The session used a dramatic delivery that worked well to engage those in the room as well as those online. You had to walk away with a wow feeling as you watched the event. It’s the type of session that creates interest and a positive feeling about the host organization. If you are a member, it solidified your feelings about your investment. If you aren’t a member and this was your first experience, you had to walk away impressed.

This program was a collaboration between CommPartners, Council of Manufacturing Associations and the American Society of Association Executives. It was an important topic that has relevance to the greater association community.  As the production company, we were proud to help extend the reach of this session to online viewers around the country.

For additional information about CommPartners Elevate platform integrated with Higher Logic Communities, contact Meghan Gowen at mgowen@commpartners.com