For years, CommPartners has existed at the intersection of events and education. We’ve offered virtual and hybrid event services for well over a decade. In 2014, we launched our award-winning learning management system, Elevate.

At a glance, these might strike you as two distinct offerings. But they do more than complement one another.  To make the most of one, you need the other. Though each can stand on their own, something special happens when they come together.

This is a time of unification. As Cadmium, we have united with our sister companies in support of our shared mission to unify events and education. But what exactly does that look like? Here’s our vision.

Unifying Events and Education Means…

Simplified Communication

Life is easier when you only need to work with one company.

Event planning is complicated.  There are countless moving parts, and everyone needs to be on the same page to pull it off. A spectacular event requires effective communication.

Simply put: communication goes more smoothly with fewer communicators.

Simplify communication by partnering with just one company. Our suite of event and education software supports the entirety of your education strategy—from curriculum-based learning, to live events, to social learning, and so much more.

You have a lot on your plate, and we make it all easier. Because we offer more than just a platform. We become part of your team.

Maximum Efficiency

But it’s not just communication that simplifies when events and education come together. Nearly everything does.

The truth is that events have always formed a fundamental component of your education initiatives. But technology has failed to treat them as one and the same. The inevitable result? Inefficiency.

You want the big picture on your events and education. But this isn’t easy when data and analytics are scattered across different platforms.

Then there’s the matter of having to update multiple products to reflect any changes or updates. All of this amounts to a significant time-sink. So how can we streamline these processes?

By partnering with us, you resolve these inefficiencies. Ditch disjointed processes and break down the barriers between events and your overall education strategy.

Experiences that Endure

It’s easy to think of an event as a point in time. Digitization has challenged that. Even if you have to miss a webinar when it airs live, you can always catch the recording. You may not have the option of real-time engagement, but the experience can be nearly as engaging.

This idea is even more powerful for content-driven organizations. For associations that rely on events as a major source of non-dues revenue, digitization means transforming a one-time event into a perpetual sponsorship and monetization opportunity.

An LMS really shines as a tool for extending the life cycle of an event—be it virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Your sponsors will love the perpetual exposure they gain from logo placement throughout your learning platform.

Then, you can segment and price virtual attendance however you see fit—with your pick of one-time purchase, a subscription model, and whatever discounts you desire.

Give your events the longevity they deserve. Integrate them into your LMS.

Bringing People Together

The idea behind our unified events and education platform was, in some ways, born out of COVID-19. Technology had to evolve so that people could still share knowledge in a suddenly altered world.

More importantly, technology adapted to keep people connected, no matter how far apart they might be.

It was in this climate that the need for a unified events and education platform became clearer than ever. We rose to the challenge, ready to fill the gap.

Events and education technology are indispensable to our mission. But these are only a means to an end. What is that end? Connecting people through ideas. To us, that’s what “unification” really means.  

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We offer everything you need to pull off a spectacular in-person, virtual, or hybrid event—all the way from registration to delivery and distribution. When integrated into our award-winning LMS, you elevate your events to new levels of longevity.

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