What to Look for in an Association LMS

What to Look for in an Association LMS

Experts predict that the size of the global LMS market will increase by over 50% by 2025. What accounts for this?

Increased demand. Our lives become more digitized by the day. Now more than ever, organizations need a learning management system to engage, educate, and inspire their communities—no matter how far apart they might be.

But the perfect LMS for you may not be perfect for another.  Different organizations have different needs. The needs of associations are especially unique.

The ideal LMS for associations contains a wealth of features that enable professional development and foster meaningful membership experiences. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the defining features of a stellar association LMS.

The Millennial Attention Span: A Closer Look

The Millennial Attention Span: A Closer Look

Our attention spans are shrinking.

You’ve heard it before. It’s something repeated so often that many of us simply accept it as fact. But is it true? Are our attention spans really getting shorter?

The truth is more complicated than you might suppose. As leaders in the e-learning and event spaces, we recognize the importance of getting to the bottom of this. Because even if there’s only a sliver of truth to it, shrinking attention spans have massive implications for your learning and development initiatives.

Picking the Right Hybrid Event Venue

Picking the Right Hybrid Event Venue

With virtual events dominating in recent memory, it’s been a while since you booked your last in-person venue. But events don’t look like they did pre-pandemic. They’ll be hybrid—a face-to-face experience with a significant virtual component.

The new era of events means new opportunities, but new challenges, too. You’ll need to follow a different set of considerations when selecting the perfect hybrid event venue. Today, we’ll cover some of the most important factors to keep in mind.

The Forgetting Curve: Explained

The Forgetting Curve: Explained

People learn, and people forget. Sometimes, forgetting can seem inevitable.

Think back to when you were in school. You stayed up all night cramming for an assessment, only to forget all the information you worked so hard to retain a few days later.

Forgetting so quickly sometimes stems from poor study practices. When you cram before a quiz, you use your short-term memory. If you study more judiciously for days and weeks in advance, you’ll retain the material for longer. But, without intervention, even long-term memory eventually fades. 

In psychology, this is known as the forgetting curve. Understanding this phenomenon is crucial to crafting memorable e-learning courseware. Here’s what you need to know.

Non-Dues Revenue: A Guide for Associations

Non-Dues Revenue: A Guide for Associations

You’re always looking for ways to boost the revenue of your association. While membership dues can account for a big chunk of your organization’s income, they won’t cut it on their own.

A 2016 report from ASAE found that membership dues accounted for 45.4% of the revenue of trade associations, and only 30% for professional associations. That’s a far cry from the 1950s, when dues made up nearly 96% of the revenue for your average association.

Successful associations know how to make the most of non-dues revenue. Today, we’ll give you some concrete ideas for diversifying your organization’s revenue streams, the way we know best.

Events and Education: The Bread and Butter of Non-Dues Revenue

In the association space, events are well-known as a great way to offer your members a valuable experience, and to earn more non-dues revenue, too. The chances are good that you already utilize a combination of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events to earn more from sponsors and exhibitors.

If you have a learning management system, you might be monetizing courseware, too. An LMS can play a significant role in maximizing profits for associations big and small. Unlike your typical one-time event, an online learning platform is a lasting source of non-dues revenue.

An event is a point in time, but your LMS is perpetual—unless you integrate them. Running virtual and hybrid events through a learning management system lets them live on, generating revenue indefinitely.

Bringing these two elements together—events and education—opens the doors to new revenue streams. The possibilities are nearly endless, but here are some ideas to get your gears turning.

Virtual Exhibit Halls

This portion of your event microsite is where sponsors can really shine. Give each sponsor a virtual booth that they can use to distribute resources and chat with attendees.

Sponsor Page on LMS

Your LMS presents a great perpetual sponsorship opportunity. Add a permanent sponsor page into your learning platform so they can enjoy continual exposure.

Conference Revenue

Conferences and other events can be big money makers. Charge for attendance however you’d like. Generate more revenue with advertisements, booth sales, and sponsorships.

Session Sponsors

Allow your sponsors to lend their support to the sessions that most closely align with the goals and objectives of their organization.

Sponsored Webinar Content

Your sponsors recognize the potential for exposure that comes with webcasts and similar virtual events. Offer a compelling webinar sponsorship package for greater ROI.

Public Webinars

Opening a webinar up to the public is the perfect way to net more attendees, exposure, and revenue.

Premium Content

More monetized content in your LMS means more revenue. Offer plenty of supplemental, premium content such as videos, podcasts, and ebooks.

Conference Exhibit Halls

At in-person events, exhibit halls are a tried-and-true way to let your sponsors connect with the community. Your sponsors will love a strong presence at both your virtual exhibit hall and your in-person one!

Certifications in Your LMS

Nothing can motivate people to engage with your LMS like a concrete reward. Monetizing the required courseware for certifications will add a new source of revenue.

LMS Branding

Design your LMS not only to match your own branding, but also to incorporate the logos of your generous sponsors.  

Sponsor Slideshow

Consider adding a slideshow to the sidebar of your LMS. It can rotate through the names and logos of your premier sponsors.

Sponsored Messages

Inject messages from your sponsors throughout your online education initiatives. Place them before, during, or after webinars, courses, and events.

LMS Subscriptions

Have you considered monetizing your LMS with a subscription model? This is a great way to earn continuous ROI with your online learning platform. 

Speaking Opportunities

At your next virtual, in-person, or hybrid event, see if your sponsors would be interested in presenting live. They might prefer this to a pre-recorded message.

Boost Non-Dues Revenue with CommPartners

At CommPartners, we help associations generate revenue with a unified approach to events and education.

Our award-winning LMS, Elevate, forms the foundation of our approach. Purpose-built by associations for associations, it’s the perfect home for your education strategy, and a great source of non-dues revenue, too.

Events are just as important to what we do. We offer more than just a virtual and hybrid event platform; we become a part of your team with our managed services.

Are you ready to diversify your revenue streams with a unified approach to events and education? Get in touch with Meghan Gowen at meghan.gowen@gocadmium.com. Keep up with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Virtual Events and Their Implication on Sustainability

Virtual Events and Their Implication on Sustainability

Globally, July 2021 was the hottest month on record, according to the NOAA. We are experiencing the effect of climate change now.

We should all do everything we can do be more sustainable—including in the events industry.

At the height of COVID-19, the industry was faced with a choice: go virtual, or cancel. We chose the former.

We found virtual events to have their pros and cons. Here’s one of the biggest pros: a reduction in environmental impact.

Today, we’ll explore the rise of virtual events and their implication on sustainability.