Webcasting, just like most things tech, is constantly reinventing itself and has evolved from a niche offering to a broad-based, versatile requirement for sharing your events online.  Working for CommPartners, I have produced webcasts across a broad and diverse range of clients, each with individual needs, where custom inventive solutions are often the only way to get the job done best. You know your members and how they prefer to engage, but are you leveraging the power of webcasting to grow your membership and reach?

Let’s look at the most popular ways webcasting can be applied to your audience:

  1. Private Webcasts: These are webcasts where the content is streamed to a specific audience with the credentials to access it. Most organizations like to keep their intellectual “capital” limited to members and other paid parties, and this type of webcast is strictly for members only.
  1. Public Webcasts: These are free and designed to raise awareness and interest in the organization. Often an organization will utilize a popular service such as YouTube or Facebook Live to live stream a portion of their content free of charge, in order to promote themselves and their mission.
  1. Private and Public Simulcasts: This is a newer category of webcast, where organizations simultaneously provide a private, special experience for their members and other paid or pre-registered parties, but at the same time simulcast (simultaneously send) a part of their content over free social media channels, in order to advertise the experience.

What a strong, exciting way to self-promote!  Live streaming comes free with YouTube and Facebook, and most organizations already have a presence on these networks.  While Facebook may be superior for organization staff to post small live clips to promote their events, YouTube is the ideal place to provide a high-quality live video experience, which can be shared rapidly among interested parties.  As you know, to access a live event on YouTube, all you need is the link, and you can instantly connect to an unlimited number of viewers.  An email blast advertising a live event on YouTube would likely be very well-received, as the prospect of participating in a live broadcast draws viewers at a much higher rate than say a pre-recorded or archival program.

By offering a live promotional webcast on YouTube, the opportunity to organically reach new audience members increases exponentially.  That is why CommPartners, in addition to offering webcasting in private, controlled environments, has worked with clients to also simulcast select content to YouTube.  Social Media is the most powerful organic way to expand your reach.  You are already using it to keep members, fans and other pertinent parties up to date with your organization.  Why not leverage some of your intellectual capital and show the world why membership, to your organization, has its benefits!

Contact Meghan Gowen at mgowen@commpartners.com or 443-539-4851 to find out how you can add a social media webcast to your live event or virtual conference.

Post Written by Bryan Ranharter, CommPartners Multimedia Producer

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