As many association leaders are aware, there have been quite a few changes over the past several years with technology related companies who serve and support our community. Recently it was announced that three leading AMS companies joined forces, with a fourth announced just today.  Changes like this certainly alter the playing field and have decision makers rethinking their approach to the selection of learning management solution providers.

One of the less talked about impacts of mergers and acquisitions is how it affects company culture. In most cases clients have made a decision to contract with a company based on a level of trust that has been established with the people behind the solution.  If the companies mission or culture changes, or the original owners are no longer there, the relationship could be impacted and there may be a gap from what was originally expected.

A healthy company culture assures a level of stability, quality, and an overall commitment to clients, all while working as a unified team. CommPartners has watched the transactions from a far, remaining committed to a friendly culture that has extended to our community of clients for over 24 years. We recognize that the continuity of our work, the relationships that we establish and conversations we have over many years provide tremendous value.

True partnerships do not arise automatically, but are only built through understanding our clients’ goals, pressures, and vision of success. Our clients have become an intimate part of our team and their insights and ideas drive our innovation.

Our client relationships define and provide the foundation of CommPartners culture, with benefits including:

  1. Responsiveness and the ability to be nimble, always putting client needs first.
  2. Consistency, where clients are able to work with the same CP staff members over a long period of time. Our average tenure is over 8 years.
  3. Continuity of support by understanding our client’s mission, history, getting to know their membership and attending their events.
  4. Commitment to the clients planned set of priorities. There are no competing forces or politics to take away from the core mission to support our clients’ objectives.
  5. Reliability in the platforms and solutions we provide.

There will most likely be many more mergers and acquisitions in the association sector to come. These changes can have a rippling effect, altering client relationships and culture.

At CommPartners, we are clear and unwavering about our mission, values and culture.