• Wed
    1:00 PM

    This year brought a sudden emphasis on virtual education as many of us were unexpectedly met with a huge challenge of transitioning our place-based events to a virtual format. Faced with this situation, we were forced to innovate quickly. The result was new ways to eliminate the distance and bring forth compelling educational content.

    As we catch our breath, it’s time to take a fresh look at an old standby: Webinars. This past year has changed these programs. But what does change mean, and how can organizations make this transformation work for them? Join us as we discuss how to best position and produce your webinars for future success.

    Takeaways include:

    • How to incorporate what we learned in the past year to expand the effectiveness and impact of these programs
    • An understanding of best practices from the CommPartners Event Team leaders
    • Access to 3 leading Association/Professional Development leaders on how they plan to innovate in 2021
    • A fresh look at outsourcing vs. in-house production

    One CAE Credit will be provided for live attendance.

  • Thu
    11:00 AM ETVirtual Webinar

    Organizations have been producing hybrid events for many years. So what has changed? The answer is everything. This past year taught us about the power and reach of virtual education programming. We innovated, were more inclusive and in many cases expanded our reach to those who may have not previously attended an onsite conference. Does it make sense to go back to the way it was once the pandemic is over. We have heard from some organizations who are moving forward with plans for a hybrid event while others are hesitant because they don’t want to take away from their place based programs. Where do you stand on this. We will explore this question and address strategies and tactics for leveraging everything we learned last year as we make plans to return to traditional onsite conferences. Additional takeaways include:

    1. Producing hybrid events from an online education perspective
    2. Cost and production considerations
    3. Weaving your hybrid event into our online education and LMS strategy

    Our speaker for this webinar is Jeff Hurt, CEO and Chief Epiphany Officer,Empowered Epiphanies.

    One CAE Credit will be provided for live attendance.

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