Event Information:

  • Thu

    Creating Personalized Learning Journeys

    1:00 PM

    Associations offer a lot of educational opportunities. Start by counting the in-person and digital offerings. Then add in the publications and other association assets that deliver instruction, and you’ll see it adds up quickly. Most of us organize this content chronologically: When did it last occur or what registration opens next? But what if we adopted the characteristics of a university advisor? Individualized assessments, hand-picked courses, a clear pathway to graduation, course corrections along the way, and, ultimately, a certificate to demonstrate achievement.

    Hear Event Garde, CEO, Aaron Wolowiec and CommPartners, CEO, Rich Finstein, share how important it is for learners to receive more personalized learning recommendations. These pathways could be for stand-alone courses or a clear path comprising of a series of learning interventions, resulting in greater engagement and a higher return on their investment.

    In this session:

    • Identify your association’s current education assets.
    • Evaluate your association’s current organization of education assets.
    • Examine segmentation as a means of better organizing education assets.
    • Explore better organizing of education assets for a sample segment.
    • Consider the marketing implications associated with reorganizing content.